Weekend Happenings and Progress

Thanks to the amazing critique of my CP (Hi Cari!), I've found a more fitting beginning to book 1. Thus, about 3K words were cut, bringing the WC down to just under 140K!! Still got a ways to go to shorten that to 115K, but hey, I'll take 3K wherever I can get it. :) Considering that a month ago this mammoth was just under 150K!

I've been kind of stuck on book 2 the latter half of this week because I couldn't figure out which part to put next. And then I realized I needed Kade... and I've since written more than 1300 words today. Hooray. Oh, how I love writing him. Anyway, see the progress bar below. And hopefully working through this kink will help me this coming week...

5327 / 100000 words. 5% done!