Movies that I want to see coming up!!

Confessions of a Shopaholic... come on this looks cute. Plus the guy has an english accent

Since Escape to Witch Mountain (the '95 one) was like my favorite movie ever when I was little...

Bedtime Stories - looks like a cute family movie

Seven Pounds - I LOVE WILL SMITH!

The Day the Earth Stood Still - come on this looks awesome!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - looks intriguing

The Ugly Truth - Okay this looks great! Plus it has Gerard Butler!

He's Just Not That Into You - no interest in reading the book but the movie looks totally awesome

Duplicity - Gotta love Clive Owen. mmmm'mmmm

Star Trek - Duh!! Do you have any idea how freaking awesome this looks?! (plus Simon Pegg plays Scotty! Awesome actor and a Scottish accent!! *squeal*)

New In Town - how cute is this? Total chick flick but it looks good

Okay, I watched the preview for Adoration and all I am is confused. A little intrigued but mostly just confused...

Nothing but the Truth - looks interesting but not sold on the content although I love Kate Beckinsale

Bride Wars - Hilarious :)

HP6 - As if it wasn't obvious... wow. :) I'm so excited

And, of course, Push

If any of these look good to you we should go whenever they come out! Coolness.


I am such a nerd.

What's playing on iTunes right now? It's not because I'm pretending that by not listening to music I'm actually going to start studying again any second now...

Wow, so I just watched the new theatrical trailer for HP6 and wow, it looks so freaking cool! I know that makes me a nerd to the nth degree, but I don't care. I think that, based on the trailer at least, the movies are starting to capture the increasing "darkness" you feel as the series progresses. I think they did a pretty damn good job with Order of the Phoenix and PoA. GoF was horrible. Period. But that's just my opinion. So anyway, it looks really good and I was happy to see good old Draco in the trailer, but that's just me enjoying looking at Tom Felton. :)

I know, I know, put anything to dramatic music and anything can look more intense/good, but I think that they actually did a good job. Were it not for that stupid opening in the summer blockbuster schedule it'd be out by now. Stupid people at WB wanting to make money. ;-) Then again, it did let Twilight come out early. But I wouldn't have wanted it earlier at the cost of HP moving to July. Sheesh.

AND I'm so excited because last night (when I should have been studying more but was totally braindead in that regard) I've started making progress toward getting the final stages of my book done with. I'd had two different scenes that were floating around that have now found a home in the main manuscript. Woot. :) And I've got pretty much the whole thing planned out 'til the end of the book. It just has to finish getting written. Knowing that I have the next thing to write, I just have to do it, will hopefully get me that push to finish it. It's still like at least 20-30K more words I'm guessing, but I look forward to it. I'm actually really excited thinking about it. And then once it's done I actually get to edit it for good and put in all the things that I've been dying to add so that there will be more depth to the story/plot/characters. I know it's stupid to write in such vague terms since no one's actually read what I've got except for my cousin. And she's only read the first... 70K words maybe? It's at about 120K right now. A little under, but there is still another scene of about 6K that hasn't found its place because I haven't written up to it just yet.

Boy, you can tell when I start talking about something that makes me excited, huh? Any and all coherent sentences leave me and then it just turns into rambling. But oh well. The concept of actually finishing a book for once is really exciting for me. The other two that I'd started in the past never reached completion. And this one has mutated so many times I actually find it funny. But I love my characters now. They're like real people to me. Which is odd that no one else even knows there names (dear cousin Ashley excluded). But maybe eventually once the manuscript has been edited and edited it might eventually meet the eyes of other people. That would be cool. :)

Until then, I suppose I should get back to studying probably. Yuck... Especially since I just got myself all happy talking about the book... which is STILL untitled. Been floating around in my head for more than a year and still no title. Grrrr. That frustrates me. And I've got one of those feelings that I'm not even going to be the one to think up the title. Maybe if I ever give it to one of my friends to read over they'll think of something. Oh well, guess I better stop stalling... Later.


Pre-Thanksgiving Blog

What's playing on iTunes right now? Within Temptation - The Howling

Yeah, the title isn't very original. At all. But oh well... all my current creativity is being channeled into making a seriously kickass caduceus. Seriously. I'm quite proud of it so far but it's taking freaking FOREVER! Odds are, the shirt won't even be finished by Monday and even if it is, they may want a simpler shirt like the little sayings I already submitted. But oh well. Even if not, then I'll have another shirt lined up for something. I'm sure it'll somehow get used. :) And even if not, I get to know that I got to be creative again.

I'm afraid that working on this will limit how much I'll be able to write (the book, not the blog) this weekend. I don't plan on reading anything. Except one book maybe that came out today. So we'll see. I really have nothing to write about... but anywho, I'm happy we have a bit of a break. I intend to enjoy it to its fullest. And I'm excited for Friday with Jason, Jamie, and crew. And my cousin and her husband are coming to visit from California for Thanksgiving. Should be a pretty awesome weekend. And I get to sleep in tomorrow. Even better. :) Oops, better take my Benadryl...


The Night(mare) Before the Exam

What's on iTunes right now: Jimmy Eat World - Disintegration (aka the best song ever made)

9:39 - The benadryl went down the hatch. Start the timer at 60 minutes because regardless of whether my half-hearted studying is done, my eyelids will magically begin to weigh a lot... increasing in magnitude until my sluggish brain decides "Oh hey, maybe I should go to sleep now."

So why am I spending this time to blog, you may ask? Why, I'm a master at procrastination... I just never earned the degree for it. And since I'm blogging I might as well ramble about random musings and goings-on, huh? Like the fact that I'm going to see Twilight tomorrow. I will refrain from the usual girly squeal due to the fact that my cat would stare at me in even more obvious disappointment while she takes a break from kneading my comforter to shreds.

AND I'm going shopping. Do you know how long it's been since I've had a shopping partner other than my mom? Or a non-interested now-exboyfriend? Really, do you know? Because I honestly can't recall. I'm running out of casual tees to wear that manage to not show my nonexistent cleavage or shirts that aren't pilling from such frequent use. I finally unearthed some more jeans that used to fit then used to be too big than now sadly fit again. So I'm good on jeans. But I need comfy shoes. Ones for working whenever I manage to get an intern position and ones for exercising/wearing about.

Exercising? you may ask. Yes. Exercise. A word that has rarely been in my vocabulary. However, I've resolved myself to start in on some exercise in an effort to trim off the inches I've managed to gain since March. The unfortunate side-effect I've noted these past couple days after getting off the treadmill, though, is blistery-feely feet. Definitely a sign that I need some better running shoes.

And I will make a quick stop in Sephora as a favor to my mom (much to my dismay... yeah right). I will try to refrain from spending hours and my nonexistent paycheck in there. Kelly will keep me accountable on that, I'm sure.

Saturday is likely hanging out with Erin in some capacity and then Sunday I'm going to go horseback riding with Kelly and Erin! Woot! Except last time I went I found it seriously hard to walk for the entire week afterward... OUCH!!! But I'll suck it up because it's a ton of fun. :)

Hopefully I get some time this week to get some writing in. I've done some plotting/kink-working this week/last weekend, but I haven't actually written anything new in a couple weeks. We'll see how that goes. I'm actually getting surprisingly close to the end I think. Though how long it will take me to actually get to the end of the draft I'm unsure. Then comes the editing process.

But really, this is as close as I've gotten to finishing a book. The last attempt at one only made it to chapter... eight? I think. I still rather like what's there, but I have NO clue how to end it. Plus that book's more epic fantasy whereas what I'm working on now is urban fantasy (vampires, werewolves, and humans oh my!). So anyway, I'm rather excited that I've got 21 chapters plus another 15,000 words of a couple scenes that have to be tacked on at the right spot. It's the tricky in-between stuff I've gotta write. Oh well. I love it. No complaints here. Except for the fact that I still don't have the slightest clue as to what I want the title to be. That's rather irksome... I'm hoping that once I'm done with it, it'll magically come to me so it can sum up the book all nicely, etc. :) Here's to hoping.

And now that I've used up almost twenty minutes of my time on random ponderings, I'll let you go off and enjoy whatever you were doing before you decided to read this blog.


Four Quarters to go

What's playing on iTunes? Chevelle - I Get It

So this is our first week back on campus after having been away since late July? August? I honestly can't remember. But anyway, my rotations were overall pretty freaking awesome. A nice break from didactic work. And then I went to San Francisco this past weekend for MRM for APhA-ASP. It was a pretty cool experience as far as the meeting went. The SF part not so much.

Apparently ever month there's this group of thousands of assholes (no really. they're jerks) who ride their bicycles around downtown SF. It takes at least 30 minutes for them to all pass by one street. So I was on a Super Shuttle with eight other passengers waiting to check into my hotel... we won't even get into why I was even in a Super Shuttle at 7 pm when I should've gotten to SF by eleven. And we ran into these jackasses FOUR times. That's TWO HOURS of sitting in a super shuttle. The poor driver. I gave him a $5 tip just for being so good about it. The last time we ran into them he ended up driving WITH the flow of the bikes. Of course, I happened to be the last one dropped off. So I didn't go to anything that night, thus rendering my kickass halloween costume useless. But that's okay. There's always next year. And my new awesome fangs aren't going anywhere.

So the return of didactics. Sigh. I'm actually really excited for my two electives. Pharmacy Based Screenings and Financing for the Medical Professional. It stands to reason I'll learn a lot from both and the scheduling ain't so bad this quarter either. At least nothing I'm going to complain about at length. And since we're the top Pharmacy students on campus now, that means I'm APhA-ASP president now. Eep. I'm going to talk to our adviser tomorrow about some questions I've got. Our first Exec committee meeting is next week so I want to look kind of like I've got things together and whatnot. Here's hoping. :) I don't want to be a bossy president, but I don't want to be a pushover either. I think finding my balance will be my biggest challenge. But who knows, maybe there's more. Probably so. But I'm pretty excited about it. I get the chance to do something for our chapter, to better it in some way so that should be cool. A lot of work, but worth it by the time our four remaining quarters are done with. Just felt like ranting/rambling. And yes, I'm purposely not writing anything about the election on here. I hate talking about politics because people get so ungodly pissed off about it. I'd rather just talk about nicer things that don't raise the blood pressure. So that's all for now. Dunno when I'll post again but I'd like to make it a somewhat regular thing... We'll see...



Dated Aug 15th on the MS blog...

So... finally done with my first year of pharmacy school. I say finally, but then again it went by incredibly fast. I've met SO many amazing people and I am so thankful for everyone at Midwestern (excluding certain professors of course). I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many people who are going into the same profession I've been drawn to for so long.

I'm going to spend the next two weeks getting ready for my first rotation in September and then I leave for a week and a half in Boston with the most amazing cousin ever. I have a couple days to decompress and pack everything and then I'll drive up to Show Low for my rotation. I'll be there for a month enjoying the cooler weather and the best thing? I don't have to pay for the housing. Woot. Then my second rotation in October. And then I've gotta go to San Francisco for the Midyear Regional Meeting for APhA-ASP. It's only for three days and then I start winter quarter the day after I get back. Eesh. So I've got two weeks, but I feel like I have to get so much stuff straightened out so the next few months will go by smoothly. But anyway, I can tell the rest of my time at Midwestern is going to go by so quickly. It's hard to comprehend that it's already been a full year...

And that's about it for the update on my life. Other things I want to ramble about? Music and books, of course. :-) Now as for music, I'm rather weird, though I suppose other people could have the same quirk I do (Jenna included)... when I'm listening to songs I often pick out one teeny part that just sounds amazing and gives me shivers almost every time I hear it. I thought I'd share some of those with you. Feel free not to read and/or listen to the mentioned parts. This is just something I'd like to write down so I can have it all in one place. It'll be updated as I remember new songs. :)

- The Academy Is...-Almost Here: 1:21-1:25 because it switches up parts of the chorus.
- Cold - Check Please (the whole song :-D)
- Disturbed - Deceiver: 2:22-2:53 (the guitar and that whispering is just amazing)
- Disturbed - The Night: 4:01-4:18 esp 4:11 and 4:14 when he takes that last note down... (plus the whole song is pretty amazing)
- Disturbed - Criminal: 3:58-end of song (because he adds the extra lines to the regular chorus)
- Disturbed - Facade: 0:45... when he says "him"... I really don't know why but I love it when he says that word... and 3:00-3:28 esp. 3:21-3:28 (the harmony when he says "look in your eyes")
- Goodbyetomorrow - Time Restrains: 3:33-3:45 in the background "the world won't stop"
- Incubus - I Miss You: 2:08-2:12 when he says "care" it gives me goosebumps without fail
- Deftones - Passenger: (the choruses)
- Jimmy Eat World - If You Don't Don't: 2:12 when he repeats the word "did". I dunno why I like it so much, just because it's different from the rest of the song I guess...
- Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American: 1:39-1:41 when he says "(our) our hearts yeah..." again, because it's different from the other times he says that part
- Jimmy Eat World - The Authority Song: 2:43-2:48 because it adds to the normal bridge... plus it's just a kick ass song that never fails to make me dance.
- Jimmy Eat World - Let It Happen: during the chorus when the girl in the background does the harmony... awesome
- Jimmy Eat World - Get It Faster: well, I've cut my version to get rid of all the extra silence in the beginning, but it's right after the second chorus repeats... the most amazing guitar riff I've heard in a while... especially when the rest of the instruments come in... yum
- Jimmy Eat World - Table for Glasses: 3:16-3:49 the background part (not asking of me anything...)
- Jimmy Eat World - Disintegration: the whole freaking song. it's the most amazing song in the world. period.
- Mayday Parade - Miserable at Best: the whole song, but in particular 3:33-4:00 because he has an amazingly soulful voice
- The Wallflowers - One Headlight: 3:52-3:57 again, because it's different from the other times he says it.

And songs that just make me relax, starting with the opening chords/notes:
- Acceptance - So Contagious
- Ace Enders - I Told You So
- Anna Nalick - Wreck of the Day and Catalyst
- Colbie Caillat - Battle
- Snow Patrol - You Could Be Happy
- Incubus - Pardon Me (Acoustic)
- Foo Fighters - Everlong (acoustic)
- Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane (Acoustic)
- Most any Copeland song
- Evanescence - Anywhere
- The Fray - Heaven Forbid
- Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah
- Joseph Arthur - Honey and the Moon
- Jump Little Children - Cathedrals
- Matt Weddle's (of Obadiah Parker) acoustic version of Hey Ya

And there's so much more I could put, but I'll settle for this at the moment.

And books! I re-read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer in preparation for Breaking Dawn, which I finished yesterday. I definitely recommend the series, though I'm not generally a YA fan. And her other book, The Host, is absolutely fantastic. I had one of those "oh geez" moments when I actually looked at my bookcase and realized that I'd read all those books in there at LEAST once, most several times. No wonder my eyesight is quickly getting worse, although I'd rather blame that on school. ;-)

Questions and thoughts...

Again, was on MySpace. Now also here.

So this will be the blog I will update with my random questions that pop into my mind on a regular basis... As of right now the list is small. And if you'd like to put in your questions I would love to hear them! Some will be rants, some will be real questions:

Why does everyone think definitely is spelled with an 'a'? It's not 'definate', why would it be 'definately'?

Who thought up the sphygmomanometer? And how? I mean really... what inspired that? It's awesome, but that's crazy smart and inventive.

If the past tense of lead is led, how come the past tense of read isn't red?

How come you can say slow up and still have it mean slow down... but you can't say speed down and have it mean speed up?

Why are zippers on the left side of women's dress pants? Do they assume that most women dressing up are left-handed? Not that I'm discriminating, but I just always found that odd...

A Blue Cross/Blue Shield commercial: "At 65 your life is just getting started." Really? Because I mean, if you look at it logistically, at 0 your life is just getting started.

Commercial for Mountain Dew "Game Fuel"... really... for Halo 3. Game fuel. Wow.

Why are they called semis? I mean. They're huge. What would a FULL truck look like? Would it even fit on the road?

More to be added later.

Favorite Words

This has been posted on my MySpace for a while, but I figured I'd migrate it over...

Okay, so again, this isn’t a blog. I merely wanted to have a collection of words that I like that I can add to when the mood so strikes. Some I actually use. Others I just like the way they sound or what they mean. :-)

- plethora
- shindig
- misanthropic
- indelible
- phantasmagoria
- superfluous
- facetious
- audacity
- procrastination (I especially like this because I’m a perfect example of it)
- ambiguous
- serendipity
- tomfoolery
- etiology
- sycophant
- succinct
- monotonous (come on, it’s just so fun to spell!)
- apocrypha
- infinitessimal
- mischievous (and say it right people!! It’s not mis-chee-vee-ous!!)
- paradoxical
- catatonic
- circumambulate! (Only one of my friends knows just how fun this word is and I don’t think she even has myspace anymore...)
- copacetic (from that 90’s song)
- incorrigible
- haggard
- inebriated
- inexorable
- dichotomous
- epiphany
- syncope (sinka-pee)
- furtive
- fluoroquinolone
- dessicated
- mosey
- meander
- ameliorate
- deign
- synergy
- precocious
- chimera
- aberrant (uh-BER-unt (see chris, I was right) or AB-er-unt)
- melancholy

Feel free to add your own as comments! :)