No wordcount, BUT

So I'm about to head off to sleep tonight, however, I thought I'd enlighten (or vaguely hint at) whoever happens to read my humble blog...

I saw Transformers this afternoon with my brother. Got to see brother, cool. Got to see Transformers, *drool*. Sorry, it's just this natural reaction I have to seeing Shia LaBeouf. I dunno what it is about that guy, but man. I have a major celeb crush on him. So that was fantastic! Plus, the movie was pretty decent. Those two and a half hours went by REALLY fast. Seriously. I don't think I've ever sat through a movie that long and not thought "Gee, this is long" once. Not once! But nothing of the sort crossed my mind. Probably because I had to stop myself so often from professing my undying love for Shia. Haha, no worries. I kid, I kid. But anyway, great movie.

But what I was actually trying to write about was the fact that I dawdled most of the evening away watching Mythbusters and various things I had on Tivo, knowing full well I should be writing/plotting. So at 9, I finally turned off the TV and sat down with my handy dandy new notebook and got to plotting. I think I wrote all of six lines in that thing (longhand=too much effort). However, I got quite a few plot points figured out. I'm sure, if you've been keeping up with the Reaper project that you've heard me mention working out multiple plot points. How many could she possibly have, you ask? Tons. And there are still tons of things I don't know yet. However, I now know why my villain is targeting my MC. I know when (approx) she'll be betrayed. I still have a lot of gray area in between, but I'm happy having worked through some things tonight. Woot. :) So yeah, no "progress" in the wordcount sense, but still progress nonetheless, hm? Anyway, I'm out. Trying to beat the Benadryl to sleep tonight.

Another good day

... of writing, that is. Well, and it was a good day in general, too. I got to sleep in since I didn't have class til 1 (yay). I didn't actually expect to get in this much writing tonight, but I did. Oh, and I critiqued a short story and two chapters from two different CPs of mine (I now have three. Yay for other eyes to help my writing!). So I actually feel pretty accomplished for the day. I wish I have something of intellectual use to put in the blog for this evening, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Since not many read this anyway, I'm guessing it's not being read for its academic or deep-thinking value. ;-)

The chapter breaks are still proving to be an issue for Reaper, unfortunately. I got the first two for sure. Then the third one, the chapter is only approx 2K words. Which is mighty short. I usually aim for at least 3K. Not that there's a rule, but I'd like to have some sort of consistency. :-/ Perhaps my dear CP Cari can provide some insight. She's always great at chapter endings. *sigh* But since those chapter breaks are earlier, I can't decide where to put the next ones. I know I'm in chapter 5, but I don't know how far in I am. Argh. Enough of me complaining, huh? :)

Listening to Parachute, in preparation for the concert I'm going to on July 1st! The headlining band is Three Doors Down, but I'm going for SafetySuit *happy sigh*. I never thought they'd come to AZ, but they are. Anyway, Parachute it playing too. So it should be a good night. And a great pre-birthday present. I'll probably get back to Phoenix once the clock has rolled over to my birthday. And that Thursday is also the last day of classes for the quarter!!! Woot! :D

Current Project: Reaper
New Words: 1,600
Total Words: 15,900
Word Goal: 100,000

15900 / 100000 words. 16% done!


Yeah, I'm in a relaxed mood tonight. Therefore reaching for the relaxing/slow/mellow music. Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls sets the mood nicely. And as I could not think of a witty title (or any at all, really), it serves nicely. The Benadryl has hit faaaaaast tonight. Hence, my retreat to the wonderfulness that it my bed... The best part? I don't have class 'til 1:10 tomorrow! Woot squared!

I did manage to do some writing tonight. Whether it's all crap remains to be seen, but hey wordcount is wordcount right? At least until I start editing, hm? Yeah, I thought so. ;-)

Project: Reaper
New Words: 1,050
Total Words: 14,300
Word Goal: 100,000

14300 / 100000 words. 14% done!

Thank you Write or Die

Currently listening to: Jimmy Eat World - Cautioners (a freaking awesome some from the best band in the world)

So, here I am. Two posts in one night. How proud I am... not particularly... But I did get some writing in thanks to some help from Write or Die. Really helps me focus. Although it's not so great when my cat is sitting here demanding my attention... the pause button only works once. Gar. But it's a good thing in the end. Trying to work out some chapter breaks (frustrating), but I got some word count in there so yay for that...

Project: Reaper
New Words: 1,130
Total Words: 13,250
Word Goal: 100,000

13250 / 100000 words. 13% done!

Trying to be a good blogger...

Okay, so this is going to be a short post. A) because I'm going to sit myself down and write... okay, that is my one and only reason.

I just read Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk and man, was it good! Good, I tell you! I'd do a review or something, but I can't even write decent synopses for my own books. ;-) Just started it this morning and finished it this evening. Couldn't stop reading it. I kept telling myself I'd stop after the next chapter to write some stuff of my own. Lo and behold, I got to the end of the book. And in a fit of book-reading insanity I reached for the next book (Magic in the Blood). I got two pages in and then cursed at myself. Where is my discipline?! Oh wait, I have none. Haha. Whoops.

So anyway, this is an attempt to make me focus on my own writing. I tried to last night when I got back from dinner and errands with my parents, but apparently work and The Week From Hell (TM) caught up with me. I fell asleep plotting. Of course, the fact that I was laying in bed probably didn't help matters. But anyway, I tried. And I think I was getting somewhere. But after I woke up it was all I could do to get ready for bed and then fall back to sleep. So this is me attempting to write some of my own. Oh, and on the plus side I got a nice new notebook to do my plotting in!! Woot! And it's a size I can slip in my backpack! Even more woot! Okay, off I go. Enough delaying...

Progress and 4-day weekends (aka Woot!)

After my exam on Tuesday (which took a grand total of twenty minutes-ish) I had over an hour and a half with which to do whatever I wanted. So what did I do? I "locked" myself in a spare empty room on campus and took out my trusty pen and paper. And I got some stuff worked out for Reaper... proof to me that I can make progress if I actually sit my ass down and WORK on it. Thus, the increased wordcount bar at the bottom of this post. It seems that spitting out that scene I mentioned earlier this week was enough to shake the muse loose from her chokehold. Now, since I have all this weekend to do nothing with (except to crit a chapter or two for my CP), I should take a hint and use it to work on the plot and development of Reaper.

I had today off from class which was nice so the only thing I had was work. No crazies at the pharmacy today. Nice pleasant people for the most part which is always preferable, of course. And after work I hit up Borders and bought four more books (I already have a TBR pile that's 5+ books tall) so this doesn't help matters much, but it makes me happy. And since I'm working now, money I spend isn't loan money per se. Which is always good. Interest makes me sad. Especially at Midwestern's tuition costs... *shudder*

I found a great song for Angie (the MC of Reaper). I'm not a fan of any of their other songs, but this one works for her and her situation... Kings of Leon - Use Somebody.

Anyway, here's to hoping I can have a productive weekend writing-wise (and cleaning wise, my room is a freaking mess!) I know the 1K this week isn't much to whoop about, but hey it's something right? I figure I'm lucky to get anything done while I'm in school, hm? But maybe that's just taking the easy/undisciplined way out...

Project: Reaper
New Words: 1,146
Total Words: 12,120
Word Goal: 100,000

12120 / 100000 words. 12% done!


Richelle Mead is over at today answering questions and just overall, being her awesome self. If you haven't read those books and you enjoy things a la Jeaniene Frost, Patricia Briggs, Vicki Pettersson, Kim Harrison, etc... you will love her. So anyway, head on over and enter for a chance to win a full set of her Georgina Kincaid series (books 1-4 since that's all that's currently released). Seriously? Seriously. Now get over there...

Held hostage by the muse...

The past week (okay, two) the words have refused to flow. Sure, I can blame it on school and studying and social events. But really, I've watched a lot of TV lately when I sometimes tend to go 3+ weeks without turning the darn thing on. And why did I choose TV over writing? Because the words wouldn't come. And the words can't come when I turn on the TV. You see? It's a vicious cycle.

So tonight I sat down, determined to break said cycle. And you know what happened? The words I wanted didn't come. However, other words did. A scene that has nothing to do with either Book 2 or Reaper. That's right, another now-WIP that has apparently captivated the muse. However, I'm hoping that since I got that scene out of my head, that the muse will agree to work on what I want to work on. Which is Reaper. Because, I mean, sure, words come, but without the muse, they're just crap. I have to fight to get every word on the page. And who wants to do that?

Anyway, I gave into her demands. Maybe this week will uncover some more mysteries about Angie and the world she lives in. One can hope. So, if you write, have you ever had such a hostage experience? I certainly hadn't until now.