Another good day

... of writing, that is. Well, and it was a good day in general, too. I got to sleep in since I didn't have class til 1 (yay). I didn't actually expect to get in this much writing tonight, but I did. Oh, and I critiqued a short story and two chapters from two different CPs of mine (I now have three. Yay for other eyes to help my writing!). So I actually feel pretty accomplished for the day. I wish I have something of intellectual use to put in the blog for this evening, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Since not many read this anyway, I'm guessing it's not being read for its academic or deep-thinking value. ;-)

The chapter breaks are still proving to be an issue for Reaper, unfortunately. I got the first two for sure. Then the third one, the chapter is only approx 2K words. Which is mighty short. I usually aim for at least 3K. Not that there's a rule, but I'd like to have some sort of consistency. :-/ Perhaps my dear CP Cari can provide some insight. She's always great at chapter endings. *sigh* But since those chapter breaks are earlier, I can't decide where to put the next ones. I know I'm in chapter 5, but I don't know how far in I am. Argh. Enough of me complaining, huh? :)

Listening to Parachute, in preparation for the concert I'm going to on July 1st! The headlining band is Three Doors Down, but I'm going for SafetySuit *happy sigh*. I never thought they'd come to AZ, but they are. Anyway, Parachute it playing too. So it should be a good night. And a great pre-birthday present. I'll probably get back to Phoenix once the clock has rolled over to my birthday. And that Thursday is also the last day of classes for the quarter!!! Woot! :D

Current Project: Reaper
New Words: 1,600
Total Words: 15,900
Word Goal: 100,000

15900 / 100000 words. 16% done!


Cari Quinn said...

Your dear CP thinks you do pretty well with your chapter endings. You just don't give yourself enough credit. ;) But yes, I'll help however I can.

So cool you have three CPs now! I have three too, and it makes for some interesting times when they all need crits at once. LOL Not that that has happened yet, but I'm anticipating. Still, it's great to hear how different people intrepret certain scenes. Plus, everyone has their own strengths. Good all the way around. :)

Oh, and have fun at your concert! I'll expect details. ;) Landing in London by 3 Doors Down is one of my favorite songs.

writinflower01 said...

Hey! Yay for another blog that I can follow! And I got mentioned- way cool.

Anyways, I had a question. (*peers at word count with shiny eyes*) Could you possibly explain to a techno-ignorant person how to add in a word-count-o-meter to her own humble blog? (*gazes adoringly at meter*)

Ashley said...

Hey Shelly. :) I get my meter from Just make the word count fit your needs and pick your color. It generates a code that you just paste right into your blog. :)

writinflower01 said...

Mucho gracias!