Movies that I want to see coming up!!

Confessions of a Shopaholic... come on this looks cute. Plus the guy has an english accent

Since Escape to Witch Mountain (the '95 one) was like my favorite movie ever when I was little...

Bedtime Stories - looks like a cute family movie

Seven Pounds - I LOVE WILL SMITH!

The Day the Earth Stood Still - come on this looks awesome!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - looks intriguing

The Ugly Truth - Okay this looks great! Plus it has Gerard Butler!

He's Just Not That Into You - no interest in reading the book but the movie looks totally awesome

Duplicity - Gotta love Clive Owen. mmmm'mmmm

Star Trek - Duh!! Do you have any idea how freaking awesome this looks?! (plus Simon Pegg plays Scotty! Awesome actor and a Scottish accent!! *squeal*)

New In Town - how cute is this? Total chick flick but it looks good

Okay, I watched the preview for Adoration and all I am is confused. A little intrigued but mostly just confused...

Nothing but the Truth - looks interesting but not sold on the content although I love Kate Beckinsale

Bride Wars - Hilarious :)

HP6 - As if it wasn't obvious... wow. :) I'm so excited

And, of course, Push

If any of these look good to you we should go whenever they come out! Coolness.


I am such a nerd.

What's playing on iTunes right now? It's not because I'm pretending that by not listening to music I'm actually going to start studying again any second now...

Wow, so I just watched the new theatrical trailer for HP6 and wow, it looks so freaking cool! I know that makes me a nerd to the nth degree, but I don't care. I think that, based on the trailer at least, the movies are starting to capture the increasing "darkness" you feel as the series progresses. I think they did a pretty damn good job with Order of the Phoenix and PoA. GoF was horrible. Period. But that's just my opinion. So anyway, it looks really good and I was happy to see good old Draco in the trailer, but that's just me enjoying looking at Tom Felton. :)

I know, I know, put anything to dramatic music and anything can look more intense/good, but I think that they actually did a good job. Were it not for that stupid opening in the summer blockbuster schedule it'd be out by now. Stupid people at WB wanting to make money. ;-) Then again, it did let Twilight come out early. But I wouldn't have wanted it earlier at the cost of HP moving to July. Sheesh.

AND I'm so excited because last night (when I should have been studying more but was totally braindead in that regard) I've started making progress toward getting the final stages of my book done with. I'd had two different scenes that were floating around that have now found a home in the main manuscript. Woot. :) And I've got pretty much the whole thing planned out 'til the end of the book. It just has to finish getting written. Knowing that I have the next thing to write, I just have to do it, will hopefully get me that push to finish it. It's still like at least 20-30K more words I'm guessing, but I look forward to it. I'm actually really excited thinking about it. And then once it's done I actually get to edit it for good and put in all the things that I've been dying to add so that there will be more depth to the story/plot/characters. I know it's stupid to write in such vague terms since no one's actually read what I've got except for my cousin. And she's only read the first... 70K words maybe? It's at about 120K right now. A little under, but there is still another scene of about 6K that hasn't found its place because I haven't written up to it just yet.

Boy, you can tell when I start talking about something that makes me excited, huh? Any and all coherent sentences leave me and then it just turns into rambling. But oh well. The concept of actually finishing a book for once is really exciting for me. The other two that I'd started in the past never reached completion. And this one has mutated so many times I actually find it funny. But I love my characters now. They're like real people to me. Which is odd that no one else even knows there names (dear cousin Ashley excluded). But maybe eventually once the manuscript has been edited and edited it might eventually meet the eyes of other people. That would be cool. :)

Until then, I suppose I should get back to studying probably. Yuck... Especially since I just got myself all happy talking about the book... which is STILL untitled. Been floating around in my head for more than a year and still no title. Grrrr. That frustrates me. And I've got one of those feelings that I'm not even going to be the one to think up the title. Maybe if I ever give it to one of my friends to read over they'll think of something. Oh well, guess I better stop stalling... Later.