No NaNo

So today is the first day of November and for most writers out there that means the first day of NaNoWriMo. Given my jam-packed schedule with my rotations I'll be unable to participate this year (again). The first time I'd even heard of it was last November... on about the 20th or something. So I caught wind of it too late to actually participate. I can't help but think, "Gee, Ashley... you don't need those extra few hours of sleep, right? You could give NaNo a shot." But then I remind myself that it's cold/flu season and if I miss more than two days of any rotation, it becomes incomplete which means I don't graduate in June w/ everyone else. At least according to our Office of Experiential Education. So I've gotta keep myself healthy and at least for me that includes plenty of sleep.

Given that, I haven't exactly been the model of proper sleeping behavior lately. Had a back-to-back up 'til 4am on Thursday and Friday. Lotsa fun and no ill effects so far. *knocks on wood* But back to NaNo... I'm trying to decide what to work on once I graduate (besides studying for the NAPLEX and pharmacy law exam): my overhaul of my completed book or a NaNo type period in which I work on one of my WIPs. I'm leaning toward the overhaul even though it won't be much fun. Because once that's actually worked on then I can actually start querying. What would you suggest? And yes, Cari, that question's mainly aimed at you. :)