Movies that I want to see coming up!!

Confessions of a Shopaholic... come on this looks cute. Plus the guy has an english accent

Since Escape to Witch Mountain (the '95 one) was like my favorite movie ever when I was little...

Bedtime Stories - looks like a cute family movie

Seven Pounds - I LOVE WILL SMITH!

The Day the Earth Stood Still - come on this looks awesome!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - looks intriguing

The Ugly Truth - Okay this looks great! Plus it has Gerard Butler!

He's Just Not That Into You - no interest in reading the book but the movie looks totally awesome

Duplicity - Gotta love Clive Owen. mmmm'mmmm

Star Trek - Duh!! Do you have any idea how freaking awesome this looks?! (plus Simon Pegg plays Scotty! Awesome actor and a Scottish accent!! *squeal*)

New In Town - how cute is this? Total chick flick but it looks good

Okay, I watched the preview for Adoration and all I am is confused. A little intrigued but mostly just confused...

Nothing but the Truth - looks interesting but not sold on the content although I love Kate Beckinsale

Bride Wars - Hilarious :)

HP6 - As if it wasn't obvious... wow. :) I'm so excited

And, of course, Push

If any of these look good to you we should go whenever they come out! Coolness.