Three Months Later

Wow, so I thought I'd be updating this a lot more than every three months? I think maybe it's because if I start writing I know I'll look at the clock and it'll be thirty or forty minutes later before I've stopped. So this will be short and maybe I can keep with just some smaller posts for a while. I am now a WoW player. I know this has elevated me into all sorts of levels of nerd-dom, but oh well. We all knew it. It's just one more step in solidifying my claim. However, I've been trying to balance that with writing... something more productively nerdy. ;-) Granted, getting your lock from 57-61 in one weekend is pretty darn good... plus some leveling of alts.

So yeah, I feel WoW accomplished... and I even wrote some too. Shame I can't actually get anything written in the main file of book one... That will be what entertains my brain from the time benadryl goes down the hatch to the time I go to bed tonight. And tomorrow morning. I'm telling myself I won't get on wow tomorrow before class at one.

So... not that anyone actually reads this thing, but I'm posing a rhetorical question regardless... why can't I freaking decide where to end book one?! It's 140K already! And a detached file that's nearly 9K! I have been so mad at myself the past MONTH (actually i think it's two by now) for not being able to decide where to end it. It's not that possible endings haven't popped into my mind. They have. But I'm so damn indecisive. But I'm telling myself that's a sign. That the fact that I'm indecisive about it means that the right ending hasn't made itself known yet. But at this point I'm getting to the opinion of "write something because if there's nothing on the page there's nothing to edit to make it better". And if I have to scrap stuff, so what? I've had to scrap a lot of stuff before. Does it suck any less? No. But at least I'll have something, right? *sigh* I think you're catching a hint of my inner turmoil over this... And don't even get me started on the fact that I don't have a title yet... >:-/



Chris Hepper said...

Less book. Less school. More WoW.