Lamenting the Loss of Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation

This is one thing that has been bugging me a lot lately... spelling/grammar/punctuation and the lack of it in most people my age. I'm such a freak about it that if you ever get a text from me that has "u" or "2", etc and no punctuation, it's because I didn't want to go over 160 characters. Yes. I'm THAT much of a freak about it. So often I see my classmates and even my friends do that. And it makes me sad. :*( I was reading a letter from a classmate this week and I was appalled that the entire message was filled with 'ur', 'prbly', 'hav', 'togethr' and 'Ovr'. SERIOUSLY?! Does it kill you to put a few more freaking vowels in the words?! Granted, if you're a chicken peck typer who takes one second per letter I can see how it would be time saving. But beyond that, what is the excuse?! I'll use abbreviations like 'pics' and 'prolly' when texting or emailing a friend so I realize there are some things I'm at fault with. And goodness knows I use a LOT of abbreviations for study guides for class. I don't think anyone who's not in pharmacy would be able to make sense of half the stuff in my study guides. But hey, I don't like wasting paper. I'm a freak about that too.

But I just mean in general. It kills me when i get texts that are clearly too short to require Ashley's "time to cut down on characters" rule, but are still filled with words that are a few letters short. Can I make sense of them? Yes. But the fact still remains that it bugs the CRAP out of me. Thank you for listening to my soap box...



Chris Hepper said...

On a completely different note, I heard two things that drove me nuts today. The pronunciation of the word "skull" like "skol" and the term "will" said repeatedly like "wheel".