Progress and 4-day weekends (aka Woot!)

After my exam on Tuesday (which took a grand total of twenty minutes-ish) I had over an hour and a half with which to do whatever I wanted. So what did I do? I "locked" myself in a spare empty room on campus and took out my trusty pen and paper. And I got some stuff worked out for Reaper... proof to me that I can make progress if I actually sit my ass down and WORK on it. Thus, the increased wordcount bar at the bottom of this post. It seems that spitting out that scene I mentioned earlier this week was enough to shake the muse loose from her chokehold. Now, since I have all this weekend to do nothing with (except to crit a chapter or two for my CP), I should take a hint and use it to work on the plot and development of Reaper.

I had today off from class which was nice so the only thing I had was work. No crazies at the pharmacy today. Nice pleasant people for the most part which is always preferable, of course. And after work I hit up Borders and bought four more books (I already have a TBR pile that's 5+ books tall) so this doesn't help matters much, but it makes me happy. And since I'm working now, money I spend isn't loan money per se. Which is always good. Interest makes me sad. Especially at Midwestern's tuition costs... *shudder*

I found a great song for Angie (the MC of Reaper). I'm not a fan of any of their other songs, but this one works for her and her situation... Kings of Leon - Use Somebody.

Anyway, here's to hoping I can have a productive weekend writing-wise (and cleaning wise, my room is a freaking mess!) I know the 1K this week isn't much to whoop about, but hey it's something right? I figure I'm lucky to get anything done while I'm in school, hm? But maybe that's just taking the easy/undisciplined way out...

Project: Reaper
New Words: 1,146
Total Words: 12,120
Word Goal: 100,000

12120 / 100000 words. 12% done!


Ace said...

And did you have a productive weekend of writing?