Held hostage by the muse...

The past week (okay, two) the words have refused to flow. Sure, I can blame it on school and studying and social events. But really, I've watched a lot of TV lately when I sometimes tend to go 3+ weeks without turning the darn thing on. And why did I choose TV over writing? Because the words wouldn't come. And the words can't come when I turn on the TV. You see? It's a vicious cycle.

So tonight I sat down, determined to break said cycle. And you know what happened? The words I wanted didn't come. However, other words did. A scene that has nothing to do with either Book 2 or Reaper. That's right, another now-WIP that has apparently captivated the muse. However, I'm hoping that since I got that scene out of my head, that the muse will agree to work on what I want to work on. Which is Reaper. Because, I mean, sure, words come, but without the muse, they're just crap. I have to fight to get every word on the page. And who wants to do that?

Anyway, I gave into her demands. Maybe this week will uncover some more mysteries about Angie and the world she lives in. One can hope. So, if you write, have you ever had such a hostage experience? I certainly hadn't until now.


Cari Quinn said...

I haven't had a hostage experience, mainly because up until recently I only worked on one book at a time. But I say do whatever gets the muse talking again! I still have to read that scene you sent me that kidnapped your muse for a night...;)