No wordcount, BUT

So I'm about to head off to sleep tonight, however, I thought I'd enlighten (or vaguely hint at) whoever happens to read my humble blog...

I saw Transformers this afternoon with my brother. Got to see brother, cool. Got to see Transformers, *drool*. Sorry, it's just this natural reaction I have to seeing Shia LaBeouf. I dunno what it is about that guy, but man. I have a major celeb crush on him. So that was fantastic! Plus, the movie was pretty decent. Those two and a half hours went by REALLY fast. Seriously. I don't think I've ever sat through a movie that long and not thought "Gee, this is long" once. Not once! But nothing of the sort crossed my mind. Probably because I had to stop myself so often from professing my undying love for Shia. Haha, no worries. I kid, I kid. But anyway, great movie.

But what I was actually trying to write about was the fact that I dawdled most of the evening away watching Mythbusters and various things I had on Tivo, knowing full well I should be writing/plotting. So at 9, I finally turned off the TV and sat down with my handy dandy new notebook and got to plotting. I think I wrote all of six lines in that thing (longhand=too much effort). However, I got quite a few plot points figured out. I'm sure, if you've been keeping up with the Reaper project that you've heard me mention working out multiple plot points. How many could she possibly have, you ask? Tons. And there are still tons of things I don't know yet. However, I now know why my villain is targeting my MC. I know when (approx) she'll be betrayed. I still have a lot of gray area in between, but I'm happy having worked through some things tonight. Woot. :) So yeah, no "progress" in the wordcount sense, but still progress nonetheless, hm? Anyway, I'm out. Trying to beat the Benadryl to sleep tonight.