Questions and thoughts...

Again, was on MySpace. Now also here.

So this will be the blog I will update with my random questions that pop into my mind on a regular basis... As of right now the list is small. And if you'd like to put in your questions I would love to hear them! Some will be rants, some will be real questions:

Why does everyone think definitely is spelled with an 'a'? It's not 'definate', why would it be 'definately'?

Who thought up the sphygmomanometer? And how? I mean really... what inspired that? It's awesome, but that's crazy smart and inventive.

If the past tense of lead is led, how come the past tense of read isn't red?

How come you can say slow up and still have it mean slow down... but you can't say speed down and have it mean speed up?

Why are zippers on the left side of women's dress pants? Do they assume that most women dressing up are left-handed? Not that I'm discriminating, but I just always found that odd...

A Blue Cross/Blue Shield commercial: "At 65 your life is just getting started." Really? Because I mean, if you look at it logistically, at 0 your life is just getting started.

Commercial for Mountain Dew "Game Fuel"... really... for Halo 3. Game fuel. Wow.

Why are they called semis? I mean. They're huge. What would a FULL truck look like? Would it even fit on the road?

More to be added later.