Four Quarters to go

What's playing on iTunes? Chevelle - I Get It

So this is our first week back on campus after having been away since late July? August? I honestly can't remember. But anyway, my rotations were overall pretty freaking awesome. A nice break from didactic work. And then I went to San Francisco this past weekend for MRM for APhA-ASP. It was a pretty cool experience as far as the meeting went. The SF part not so much.

Apparently ever month there's this group of thousands of assholes (no really. they're jerks) who ride their bicycles around downtown SF. It takes at least 30 minutes for them to all pass by one street. So I was on a Super Shuttle with eight other passengers waiting to check into my hotel... we won't even get into why I was even in a Super Shuttle at 7 pm when I should've gotten to SF by eleven. And we ran into these jackasses FOUR times. That's TWO HOURS of sitting in a super shuttle. The poor driver. I gave him a $5 tip just for being so good about it. The last time we ran into them he ended up driving WITH the flow of the bikes. Of course, I happened to be the last one dropped off. So I didn't go to anything that night, thus rendering my kickass halloween costume useless. But that's okay. There's always next year. And my new awesome fangs aren't going anywhere.

So the return of didactics. Sigh. I'm actually really excited for my two electives. Pharmacy Based Screenings and Financing for the Medical Professional. It stands to reason I'll learn a lot from both and the scheduling ain't so bad this quarter either. At least nothing I'm going to complain about at length. And since we're the top Pharmacy students on campus now, that means I'm APhA-ASP president now. Eep. I'm going to talk to our adviser tomorrow about some questions I've got. Our first Exec committee meeting is next week so I want to look kind of like I've got things together and whatnot. Here's hoping. :) I don't want to be a bossy president, but I don't want to be a pushover either. I think finding my balance will be my biggest challenge. But who knows, maybe there's more. Probably so. But I'm pretty excited about it. I get the chance to do something for our chapter, to better it in some way so that should be cool. A lot of work, but worth it by the time our four remaining quarters are done with. Just felt like ranting/rambling. And yes, I'm purposely not writing anything about the election on here. I hate talking about politics because people get so ungodly pissed off about it. I'd rather just talk about nicer things that don't raise the blood pressure. So that's all for now. Dunno when I'll post again but I'd like to make it a somewhat regular thing... We'll see...



Chris Hepper said...

I think you should be bossy. You're ultimately responsible for everything we do, you have a right to be a little pissy.

And I've officially added you to my list of blog links. Don't disappoint :)