The Night(mare) Before the Exam

What's on iTunes right now: Jimmy Eat World - Disintegration (aka the best song ever made)

9:39 - The benadryl went down the hatch. Start the timer at 60 minutes because regardless of whether my half-hearted studying is done, my eyelids will magically begin to weigh a lot... increasing in magnitude until my sluggish brain decides "Oh hey, maybe I should go to sleep now."

So why am I spending this time to blog, you may ask? Why, I'm a master at procrastination... I just never earned the degree for it. And since I'm blogging I might as well ramble about random musings and goings-on, huh? Like the fact that I'm going to see Twilight tomorrow. I will refrain from the usual girly squeal due to the fact that my cat would stare at me in even more obvious disappointment while she takes a break from kneading my comforter to shreds.

AND I'm going shopping. Do you know how long it's been since I've had a shopping partner other than my mom? Or a non-interested now-exboyfriend? Really, do you know? Because I honestly can't recall. I'm running out of casual tees to wear that manage to not show my nonexistent cleavage or shirts that aren't pilling from such frequent use. I finally unearthed some more jeans that used to fit then used to be too big than now sadly fit again. So I'm good on jeans. But I need comfy shoes. Ones for working whenever I manage to get an intern position and ones for exercising/wearing about.

Exercising? you may ask. Yes. Exercise. A word that has rarely been in my vocabulary. However, I've resolved myself to start in on some exercise in an effort to trim off the inches I've managed to gain since March. The unfortunate side-effect I've noted these past couple days after getting off the treadmill, though, is blistery-feely feet. Definitely a sign that I need some better running shoes.

And I will make a quick stop in Sephora as a favor to my mom (much to my dismay... yeah right). I will try to refrain from spending hours and my nonexistent paycheck in there. Kelly will keep me accountable on that, I'm sure.

Saturday is likely hanging out with Erin in some capacity and then Sunday I'm going to go horseback riding with Kelly and Erin! Woot! Except last time I went I found it seriously hard to walk for the entire week afterward... OUCH!!! But I'll suck it up because it's a ton of fun. :)

Hopefully I get some time this week to get some writing in. I've done some plotting/kink-working this week/last weekend, but I haven't actually written anything new in a couple weeks. We'll see how that goes. I'm actually getting surprisingly close to the end I think. Though how long it will take me to actually get to the end of the draft I'm unsure. Then comes the editing process.

But really, this is as close as I've gotten to finishing a book. The last attempt at one only made it to chapter... eight? I think. I still rather like what's there, but I have NO clue how to end it. Plus that book's more epic fantasy whereas what I'm working on now is urban fantasy (vampires, werewolves, and humans oh my!). So anyway, I'm rather excited that I've got 21 chapters plus another 15,000 words of a couple scenes that have to be tacked on at the right spot. It's the tricky in-between stuff I've gotta write. Oh well. I love it. No complaints here. Except for the fact that I still don't have the slightest clue as to what I want the title to be. That's rather irksome... I'm hoping that once I'm done with it, it'll magically come to me so it can sum up the book all nicely, etc. :) Here's to hoping.

And now that I've used up almost twenty minutes of my time on random ponderings, I'll let you go off and enjoy whatever you were doing before you decided to read this blog.