Reading and Writing = Great Saturday

Yes, I had to work this morning/afternoon, but it went quickly enough and I'm kind of getting used to our new computer system in the pharmacy. I'm still uncertain about a lot of things, but it's not quite as bad as it COULD be. :-) I would rant here about an incredibly rude patient, but my professors would remind me that would be "unprofessional" of me.

Anywho, after work, I went to Borders to utilize my 40% off coupon. Unfortunately, they didn't get their shipment of Succubus Heat yet so I couldn't use it on that (a trade paperback). Boooooo. However, I got Cry Mercy (a MMPB) instead, by Toni Andrews. I managed to read the whole thing between 3 o'clock this afternoon and... 9-ish? So it was a relatively quick read. But definitely a worthy addition to the Mercy Hollings series. Tino really grew on me as a character in this book. I admit, though, I wanted to see a lot more of Sam in this than we actually got, but there's always hope for the next installment, hm? We got some tantalizing bits about Mercy's heritage, too. I'm guessing that will be an integral part of book 4, whenever that one comes out.

And after that, I finally felt renewed enough to write. And write, I have. Geez. I guess a lot of writing has been building up in me this week since I didn't get a chance. At all. All week! It was torture. I got through my plotlessness, thankfully. But no real writing during the week. So anywho... the Benadryl's kicking in now so I better post my word count before I fall asleep and do an unconscious *headdesk*.

Project: Reaper
New Words: 2,784 (hoorah!)
Total Words: 7,312
Word Goal: 100,000

7312 / 100000 words. 7% done!


Cari Quinn said...

Seems like we were on similar tracks on Saturday. Although I shopped instead of worked and only read rather than read and wrote. ;) Wow, you read fast if you got a book done that quickly! My mind tends to wander.

And WOOT on the word count! You're blazing through Reaper. :) I'm just about to hit the point where I have no clue what happens next in Damned, so I'm looking forward to taking a mental break to read through your stuff on Mon. I did a little over 5K today and I'm officially worn out. Also, I need to get a word counter up on my blog...

At any rate, woohoo! Looking forward to diving into Reaper and more into book #1. :)

Ashley said...

I was super excited about the word count, but man, 5K? I think my eyes would burst from my head. I got almost another 2k I think... haven't done the math yet. :) Been catching up on the second season of Chuck. Like you, I think I'm starting to hit that point in Reaper where I have to stop and do some serious outlining. Argh. ;-)