The Muse ComesThrough!

So... the wonderful Jeaniene Frost posted a teaser for her book First Drop of Crimson on her livejournal... with Spade as the MC (tho it's third person). And OH MAN! I wasn't sure if I'd go for it, but based on that teaser, I'm totally freaking sold! Better yet, she gave a song suggestion that I happened to have on my iTunes but hadn't listened to much... and guess what, apparently the Muse enjoyed it because she started forming a scene for me! And I'm so excited for it!!!

Even better, she knocked loose some cobwebs in my brain and found some dots to connect that I somehow didn't see. Apparently she deigned to handfeed me the pieces one by one. ;-) Such a fickle creature she is. I guess time is all she needed, however insistent I was about it. There must be something to this writing longhand business... Slower, yes, but no email/twitter distractions (btw, my twitter is ashleynewcomb). It helps me actually focus on one coherent thought at a time.

Oh, and I called my local Borders and they are notifying me as soon as they get Succubus Heat. Since it's a soft drop, they can sell it prior to the 26th!! Woot woot! I so hope it gets here this weekend? Perhaps? Pretty please? Anywho, no word count tonight, but I'm going to finish seeing if I can draw anymore from the Muse. I've bribed her with brownies and ice cream... Pretty sufficient bribe, yes? I thought so too. ;-)

Listening to: The Fray - Say When


Cari Quinn said...

Eeeep! Gotta go check this out. Spade... *sigh*

Good news about the muse coming out to play! Can you bribe my muse with brownies and ice cream too? ;)

And I read your other comment on the previous so can tell me, then I get to see if it works the way you intended. But it's up to you which way you want to handle it.

Ashley said...

Ooh! I get to tell you?! *scurries to email you my master plan* *insert maniacal laughter here*