1,000 word fail ;-)

But that's okay. I had some studying to do tonight. And technically I was letting my mind consider where to go next for writing. Coming up on the dreaded Middle!!! *dun dun dun* Hence the plotting and confusion and mayhem. Add to that studying the medicinal chemistry of beta lactam antibiotics = one confused Ashley. I'm going to let my mind play with a Shiny New Idea tonight just because I feel like it. So yeah. There.

Project: Book 2 of Alex's world
New words: 288. yeah yeah yeah...
Total words: 7,744
Word Goal:100,000

7744 / 100000 words. 8% done!


Cari Quinn said...

288 words is great, regardless! And since even the words beta lactam antibiotics give me fits, I'm thinking you're doing pretty well! :)

And yeah, Shiny New Ideas are great. I've got one or two floating around myself...which I want to import into an Excel spreadsheet, just because I'm anal and a dork and want a tangible list of my ongoing projects. LOL

Ashley said...

Oh, I love the good ol' Excel files. Woohoo! That sounds like something I'll have to start soon too because it seems like Shiny New Idea after Shiny New Idea keep coming to me. lol