Damn you, thesaurus!

Argh! I'm so frustrated! I'm re-writing a scene (that I now absolutely LOVE), but I can't think of a word!! It's a synonym for doorway. I want to say it starts with an s, but I'm not sure. I checked thesaurus.com, but to no avail. What you'd describe when people used to say to stand in a doorway during an earthquake. A google search of that also proved fruitless. I'm trying to avoid use of the word "door" as it's used in the sentence preceding it. The sentence goes, "... the angry manager that stood in the ______." Why can't I think of this word?! It's totally there, I just can't find it! Grrr! Argh!!!

Hoping for anyone good with words (or in my case, one particular word) to help. I've done some editing, but haven't done enough writing to justify another word count bar update... Well, I have, but I'll feel like I accomplished more once I actually write more and I get to go from 9,272 to whatever I end up at. ;-) Yeah, I cheat.



Cari Quinn said...

I can't think of the word either. Keep coming up with stuff like vestibule and alcove, but no other word for doorway. :( Hope you find it...and when you do, let me know what it is!

And yay on loving re-written scenes! Looking forward to reading it! ;)

Chris Hepper said...

Portal, door frame, threshold, puerta, entryway. Nothing with an 's' sorry.

Ashley said...

Actually, threshold works Chris. Thanks! It still didn't click like THE word would have, but it certainly works. Many thanks.