Nine Hours Later

I meant to past this last night as I was heading to bed. However, the Benadryl hit me WAY fast and by the time it occurred to me, "Gee, I ought to get my blog post in for today" I was nearly doing a *headdesk* not of my own volition. And so, I am posting it today when I am now bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Well, the former part of that saying anyway. I don't have a tail that I know of. :)

So yesterday... I believe I am getting to the part where I need to sit down and write some sort of outline for Reaper. I need to know where it's going. I mean, I know the beginning (which is pretty much all written) and I know approximately how it will end. However, the Dreaded Middle awaits. I am so not looking forward to that.

Somehow I plowed through it in Alex's first book, but I'm not quite sure how I did that. Perhaps because SO MUCH was happening in that book that I always had something to write about. I'm thinking I need to do some more character interviews (aka, me talking to imaginary characters in my own head). I did a long one with the MC, and figured out a lot about her world and her opinions of it. I think I need an interview with the male lead and the villain as well.

I guess I'll be off to do that today. However, I have a presentation for my Pharmacology class to put together. And I have to answer a bunch of questions about the article I read for it. Here's hoping it goes quickly, hm? Then I can get back to the fun stuff.

OH! And I spent the latter part of yesterday evening catching up on the second season of Chuck! God bless! Oh dear, I'd forgotten how much I love that show and how much I love Zach Levi (Chuck). He's super attractive in a very endearingly nerdy way. *sigh* I mean, give me Alexandre Verga any day, but Zach's pretty up there, too. :)

Project: Reaper
New Words: 1,960
Total Words: 9,272
Word Goal: 100,000

9272 / 100000 words. 9% done!


Chris Hepper said...

I swear I'm not trying to ruin your fantasy (heck this might even improve it) but Verga is a spanish slang term for a certain key part of the male anatomy. ENJOY!!

Ashley said...

Haha. Nice. :) Hey, it's the dude's last name. He's from Brazil. What can I do about it?

Cari Quinn said...

I hear you about needing to outline, believe me. My dreaded middle also awaits. Somehow I'm coming up on 16k already. How did THAT happen? ;)

Outline or not, you're kicking butt. I should try a character interview. Never done one of those.

Oh, and Chris's bit of knowledge about the name Verga was useful, too. LOL

Ashley said...

16K?! Girl you're kicking ass on that book! You were a writing monster this weekend! I feel accomplished at almost 10K, lol. I'm off to interview Evan... or Adrian... haven't decided yet. We'll see who decides to respond to my mental call. ;-)