The Smoking Gun

I'm still searching for that elusive smoking gun. Doesn't matter how much ammo I've got, I can't start shootin' without the gun. Dammit. :-( Perhaps some longhand brainstorming is in order... That seems to help lately. I partially studied for the exams for tomorrow... They should be easy regardless. If not, then we'll see. ;-) I find Reaper immensely more interesting than Complementary/Alternative Medicine and Pharmacoeconomics.

Listening to Next to Nothing by Breaking Benjamin. Yeah, it's time to bring out the old stuff. ;-)


Unfortunately no word count update as there were no new words written. Boooo!


Cari Quinn said...

Hope you're writing away tonight! Studying's allowed too. ;) I managed to get a little more than 1K in myself and I forgot to tweet you, so I figured I'd tell you here. :)

Ashley said...

Unfortunately didn't get to write away. However, the muse fed me some good stuff. I want to tell you some of this stuff so bad since it'll be a LONG time 'til you'd read it otherwise, but that would defeat the surprise, yeah?