SNI Progress

Figured that, since I actually got some written text done, I'd update and post a word count. The Shiny New Idea now has a Word folder! Hip hip hooray! And I got back to my 1K/day goal! Whoo hoo! After work tomorrow, I look forward to working on this project some more. The MC is intriguing me, as are the other minors. I don't know that I've even been this excited Untitled 1&2.
It really sucks not having titles so for the purpose of not getting confuzzled, I've got a working title for SNI1 (Shiny New Idea #1). That would be Reaper. So we'll go with that for now. Now I must get back to the file before I waste any more word count on blogging. ;-)


Current Project: Reaper
Written today: 1344
Total words: 1344
Word goal: 100,000

1344 / 100000 words. 1% done!