Stubborn Muse!!

So it seems that my writing streak was a fluke. Or maybe today is the fluke? That's the more optimistic way of looking at it, I suppose. Anywho, I'm frustrated because I have all of this backstory (thanks to a long interview with the new MC for Reaper) however my muse refused to tell me the main plot line. I have the subplot from yesterday, but it's not strong enough to carry the whole book. Plus, it might be something that wouldn't even be revealed 'til the second book (if it ever makes it to that point) ;-)

So. That leaves me with a lot of great ammunition, but no gun to shoot with. Damn. And I've got me some nice .38 specials too!!! (man, I want to go shooting again... all this talk of ammunition) Argh! Here muse-y muse-y muse-y! I've got some nice Dove chocolate for you! Maybe some sleep will do me good, huh? Anyone have tricks for making the muse play along? I think she figures that since she gave me everything else about the Shiny New Idea, that I should do the legwork on the plot. I might have to break out the threats if she doesn't offer me some good plot soon...

Project: Reaper
Words Today: 925 (so close... ah well)
Total Words: 4,528
Word Goal: 100,000

4528 / 100000 words. 5% done!


Chris Hepper said...

haha Like I said, you get the trip planned with the proper people notified and I'll be there. With the .38. :)