Reaper Update and the Joys of Saturday

I'm SO excited about this project!!! Seriously! It's coming at me so quickly, I'm just struggling to get everything down before my muse refuses to repeat everything back to me. Which makes me really excited, because I don't know that Alex's world ever wrote itself quite this fast.

I wrote over 2K today! Been a while since I've posted that kind of result so it's a nice change. And that was with a four hour shift at work today... And a three hour break when I hung out with a couple work friends to eat pizza and watch Taken (which was friggin awesome, btw). So not bad for a day's work, huh? Anywho, not only did I get the nice bank of words today, I also discovered a plot thread! And I wasn't even looking for it! It just fell into my lap as I was writing. It totally surprised me and I walked around the house with a silly grin on my face for a couple minutes because of it.

Anyway, back to the grind before I fall asleep tonight. Want to get a few more plot devices worked out before sleep. On the downside? I totally neglected working on the presentation I want to get done this weekend. Oh well, I'll hope for tomorrow.

Project: Reaper
Written Today: 2,259
Total Words: 3,603
Word Goal: 100,000

3603 / 100000 words. 4% done!


Cari Quinn said...

WOOT! Look at you go! Sweet word count...and I love the title Reaper. It's short and punchy, just the way I like them. :) Good luck on your presentation, too.