My lost week...

How is it time for class again already?! This was my last week off until next June for heaven's sake! I was supposed to be able to cherish it. *sigh* Oh well. Can't make time go backward or anything. However, I did have a fantastic massage this morning. That helped make the blow a little less painful, I guess.

There is really no point to this blog entry as I have done nothing productive on the SNI/assassin project front. Well, in terms of word count. I have done plenty of brainstorming and thinking and napping about it. Yes, I nap when I plot. My creative mind seems to work better when I'm only partially awake. :-) That probably says something about me being a control freak or something, but I promise I'm not. Not much, anyway.

I'm running ideas for said SNI past my beloved cousin and my close friend to see if they can poke some holes in whatever I've come up with. But it's really me I need to be relying on to come up with the serious stuff. After all, I'm the one who's going to be spending hours writing this thing. *sigh* I've come to the conclusion that I can sub-plot like nobody's business, but when it comes to the main conflict I'm basically crap at it until the muse decides to take pity on me and throw me a bone. I've yet to receive said bone so I'll keep trudging on, through school and through plotting. Yes, while complaining I actually managed to NOT say, "Woe is me." ;-) Hopefully the next post will report slightly better results and spirits.