Return From the Wild White Yonder (aka Chicago)

So I've had a very long hiatus from blogging and, well, life in general. I went to Chicago for one of my pharmacy rotations. The type of work I did there definitely wasn't for me, but I did learn a lot in terms of just how versatile the PharmD degree is. So at least I got something out of it, right?

The bad thing about rotations (one of them) is that I have hardly had any time to read, let alone write anything. :-( I can tell my brain is getting antsy because all my characters keep popping into my head and the more songs I hear, the more fodder I get for scenes for them. Which is all well and good, I just think my brain is reaching the overflow point. So it's a good thing I've got this whole week off, huh? :-) Hopefully some progress will be made on one of my three WIPs. I'm almost done with reading On the Edge by Ilona Andrews... Well, I've got maybe 20% left, but to me that's almost done. It took me a few more chapters than normal to get into it, but I'm finding myself attached to the characters, which is always a good sign.

At the moment my still packed suitcase (I already got one over with) calls to me. I have this insane urge to really clean everything, including the Dreaded Closet. *gasp* So yeah, this was a pretty half-assed post, but at least I got something down, right? Right.


Cari Quinn said...

Nice to see you back and blogging! And very happy to hear you're diving back into your WIPs... ;)

Charris said...

Hi, I'm Charris I too am an aspiring writer. I love the look of your blog.

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